12 Lausanne Attractions

Lausanne is the capital of the Swiss canton of Vaud. It is a lovely art-nouveau city on the shores of Lake Leman. If you have the opportunity to spend some time in Lausanne you’d better choose wisely how to enjoy it. Of course, you can visit the Lausanne Cathedral, the Lausanne Botanical Museum and Garden or Lausanne's Palais de Rumine where you can discover 5 different museums (the cantonal museums of fine art, geology, zoology, archeology and history or the Cantonal Money Museum).But because this city is home to a few unique attractions among the cities of the world and depending on your time, weather and company my Lausanne guide for you presents a slightly different approach. So, if you are living near by or you are planning a Lausanne city break here are some interesting and useful information.
My Lausanne Guide
This week I have visited the beautiful city of Lausanne and here’s how I chose to spend my time.

After I got off from the train in Lausanne’s train station I made the fi…

The Secrets of the Swiss chocolate figurines for Christmas

Christmas chocolate figurines are the theme of our second article dedicated to the magic of Christmas in Switzerland. After the article with the 5 Christmas markets not to miss in Switzerland, today we will talk about another magical thing for Christmas: the chocolate figurines. Our guide for this trip is the chocolate artisan David Pasquiet, winner of the Swiss Chocolate Masters, the most important contest of Swiss chocolate artisans. How are the Chocolate Figurines for Christmas made?In order for all of us to better understand the art of the Christmas chocolate figurines, I have visited David in his laboratory in Crans Montana, the place where the magic of Christmas is coming to life. It is right to call this a laboratory because, like all the great artists, the chocolate artisan is guided by passion, imagination, dedication, technical knowledge and a lot, a lot of hard work.  
For example, David is travelling all over the world to find and to choose the best ingredients. Thus, this …

Oeschinensee, the magical lake from Switzerland

Oeschinensee is a magical blue lake situated at the altitude of 1578 m in the Bernese Oberland, the highest area of the Bern canton. Oeschinensee is 4 km away from the village of Kandersteg and since 2007 is part of the Jungfrau-Aletsch-Bietschhorn UNESCO World Heritage. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland.Because some of my friends have been to lake Oeschinen (Ochinensee is the German name) a few weeks ago, this weekend, we decided to go and visit Ochinensee. The main route to get to the lake starts from Kandersteg.
How to arrive in Kandersteg? You have two main options: to go by train or by car. We chose to go by car and thus drove on a spectacular road. To make the adventure even more thrilling, I took the Sion-Gampel Bratsch-Kandersteg route, not the highway from Bern. This road, besides the fabulous landscape, offers you another surprise: you'll just place the car in a train and cross the mountains through a tunnel! An adventure I could not miss! This is the…

5 Switzerland Christmas markets to visit in 2017

In Switzerland Christmas markets are very popular. Almost every town in Switzerland organizes a Christmas market where people can enjoy a cup of hot wine, eat local food, enjoy time with their friends and, most importantly, make their kids happy. Most of the big Christmas markets in Switzerland in 2017 will open their gates and light up the Christmas tree in November. So, in order for you to plan your trips here’s a list of the 5 Christmas markets you must see in 2017 in Switzerland. Montreux Christmas Market 2017 (Montreux Noël 2017) The Montreux Christmas market is the main event on Lake Leman Riviera in the winter. Everybody is coming here to enjoy the music, the food, the hot wine and the local terroir products. The Montreux Christmas market 2017 will take place between November 23rd and December 24th 2017.  Visitors will be able to enjoy many attractions: The Christmas market: in this 23rd edition more than 160 traders will be there: craftsmen, hot wine, local food and thousands o…

Peperonata, the tasty peppers recipe

Are you thinking what to cook with peppers? Here is a tasty recipe that you can easily cook with a yellow, red and green pepper. It is a healthy food recipe that is easy to make, it uses just a few healthy ingredients and you will get a delicious classic peperonata that you can enjoy warm, on a piece of bread or as a side dish with a steak.
Ingredients for peperonata:

3 sweet peppers (I recommend yellow, red and green-they will give more color to the food)2-3 mushroomsSome garlic and a small onion 4 peeled and chopped tomatoes200 ml of tomato juiceSalt, pepper and oregano (you can add other seasonings that you like)50 ml of olive oilHow to cook peperonata
Firstly, chop the vegetables. The garlic and the onions in small pieces, the mushrooms cut each of them in 8 pieces. The peppers cut them Julienne (small sticks).
Then heat the oil and add the garlic and the onion. Cook them until they are soft. Take care not to burn them because they will become bitter and give a burned taste to the f…

Visit the World's Highest Gravity Dam

Grande Dixence is Europe's tallest dam and the tallest gravity dam in the world being located in the canton of Valais, 40 kilometers from Sion, Switzerland. It's a fabulous construction that has written history, until recently being the tallest dam in the world. It is one of Switzerland's attractions, and we recently visited it and we invite you to read the article and see the video with our hike at Grande Dixence. Once arrived in the parking lot next to it, the dam will impress you. It is practically a huge cement mountain located between the natural mountains. When looking up it is simply gigantic, it's an almost unreal construction. You will immediately feel its strength, power and magic. And when you will start to climb up towards Europe's tallest dam, you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the Heremence valley and Lake Dix. The lake has a fabulous color, a light blue and due to the limestone in the water it has a milk texture. To enjoy the truly spectacular vi…

Swiss video recipes - Pasta with vegetables and Gruyere cheese

Today we have a new recipe on our blog: pasta with vegetables and Gruyère cheese. A delightful and easy to cook pasta that goes well with a glass of white Lavaux wine. You can cook it in around 30 minutes.Ingredients for 2 lovely people: 200 gr of pasta (penne works better)5 mushrooms2 carrots2 asparagusa touch of garlicsalt and pink pepper (you can use any pepper)oregano50 gr of Gruyere cheese for a touch of local Swiss flavor1 spoon of olive oilHow to cook pasta with vegetables and Gruyere cheese:
It is an easy to cook recipe. Start by boiling some water with salt. When it is boiling add the pasta and cook it for the time mentioned on the package. Meantime heat a pan. If you use dried oregano add in in the pan and warm it a little. This way you will get more flavour. Then add the olive oil and the garlic. Cook them for 3-4 minutes, make sure not to burn the garlic. Then add the chopped vegetables. Cook them all together. In order to soften the vegetables put a lid on the pan. When t…